Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hello, and thanks for visiting my videography blog. Below, you'll find four samples of different projects I've worked on.


First up, here's a video I directed for my own personal musical project, 'oneironaughts', and the song is called 'the loss'.

Next up, and keeping in the music vein, is a piece of a documentary I made in 2006 while in Philadelphia for nation wide rapper Rampage while he was making and promoting his album 'Have You Seen...'

The one below is a bar mitzvah in 2006. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to use my camera because they didn't want it to 'look to good' compared to other jobs done before by the company. But it was edited at home on Final Cut Pro.

This last one is a sample from THE PROCESS, a labor of love that took five years to complete. This is an independent film I produced, shot, acted in and edited and am currently trying to sell. What you're seeing is the portion after the opening credits that introduces all of the film's characters.

I should also mention that I'm the one who voiced the DJ, "Ya Boy Rick", as well as producing the radio sweepers.

Thanks for watching! I'll post more later on.

- trevor.